Digital Playground

Digital Playground Incorporated is an American adult film studio, based in Burbank, California. It was named one of the ten top porn companies in 2008 and was described by Forbes as one of only a handful of studios which dominate the global adult entertainment market. Established in 1985, Digital Playground has grown to include more than 150 films in its roster. The company also provides on-demand access to over one hundred high-quality movies.


Today the company boasts a strong library of more than one hundred titles, all available in High Definition. A growing number of adult websites are offering high-definition versions of their content. Digital Playground, for example, has started offering its movies in this format. This service is called “BRY-D”. This stands for “built-up-dvd”. Many people refer to it as Blu-ray Playground.


Digital Playground was founded by John Lewis “J.L. “entsch, who worked as an advertising sales executive with other firms. He decided that he wanted to start a company that catered to an adult playground. “I wanted to create a place where you could go and hang out with friends and play games,” he said in an interview with Digital Playground Inc.’s web site. A year later, the company had launched its first website called Digital Playground Lites. It focused on games and was designed for children. This is where the concept of online play evolved.


Digital Playground was sold to Direct TV for six million dollars. At the time it was one of America’s largest internet satellite television companies. This attracted many investors, because it was one of the few companies offering an online interactive playground, and it was the only one offering a ‘best of breed’ entertainment service. “The company was created to satisfy one very specific need, which was to provide an environment where kids could get away from the TV and play games,” said Danomenko, Digital Playground’s president and chief creative officer. “We wanted a place where kids could meet each other and develop friendships,” said John Lewis “atives”.


The first thing that Digital Playground did was launch its own virtual network called “nightmoves” and a number of related adult games. This was the beginning of what is now known as Digital Playground Online. In the beginning the company was simply an aggregator of games that were similar to what it offered in its nightmoves network. Later they added more to both its content and its offerings.


Today Digital Playground has something that no other online interactive DVD’ game company has: an award winning live performance team that tours the country. “We have won many awards and have been featured in a lot of different places,” said John Lewis. “We started out with a small team of dancers and an art director”, said Danomenko. “We later added sound, an art gallery, dancers, musicians, and an award-winning virtual sex bot.”


This is not the only award that Digital Playground has won; it has also won the coveted Xbiz award for best virtual sex arcade in the business. It also has won the Industry Giant award, which is given to the online home of industry news and information. Digital Playground’s popularity has also won them several Webby Awards, including most popular website and the year’s Most Popular Web Site. Their Webby Awards is voted by readers and presenters and are selected by a panel of industry insiders and professionals in the online community.


These are but a few of the citations needed for an honorable mention in the Online Adult Video Game Industry Hall of Fame. If you feel that a video game company deserves recognition for all the hard work that they put into their digital entertainment product, please visit Digital Playground’s official site at their Webpage. For a complete list of citations needed, check out the Online Classifications Page on the Digital Playground Home Page. They will also be glad to answer any other questions that you may have about the industry as well.