FakeHub is a pretty new niche-specific manufacturer of adult entertainment that deals in hardcore, adult oriented sex that s delivered almost in an entertaining manner. Some have compared FakeHub to escort services in that you can pick up “students” in your area who are “looking”. Some have even compared it to hairdressers but with “escorts”. It’s a bit unclear as to what exactly it is, so we’ll cover what this new company has to offer first.


FakeHub is an internet based adult entertainment web site where you can buy and view “webcam shows” of real models and actresses, complete with makeup and clothes. The “student” models are placed on fake hub pages, and the “agents” are the ones who actually contact and perform these adult acts on the “student”. The “student” is not paying to be a model or perform any sexual act, so how does this help people find “hot girls” (students)? Some have compared the fakehub pages to online hairdressers, except that here the models are younger, and more attractive (not to mention more experienced). In other words, people looking for” dates” aren’t necessarily looking to enter into a committed relationship with someone, they’re simply trying to find someone to watch videos with, or engage in non-physical foreplay.


So how does a new market created by a new company like FakeHub fit into the picture? Well, some people have compared the fake cop / fakehub pages to escort services in that many people look for someone that they think is a good “date”, or a “one-night stand”. The difference is that the online “date” is much younger and more experienced than the offline “one-night stand”. FakeHUB offers all this and much more, including discreet dating scenes (for those wishing to avoid being exposed), and adult chat rooms (which can give the impression of a real dating site… but which can’t really come anywhere close to matching up to its real competition in terms of experience, and interest).


How does it work? The clients are simply uploading their photos, and descriptions of themselves, into the fakecopying hub, which is then accessed by real cab drivers in large cities all over the world. The clients pay a fee and choose from among a list of “cab service” that it offers. It’s not entirely clear from the site how these “cab service” companies and individuals get listing. Some have suggested that it’s a way for taxi companies and private hire services to access and purchase the photos, or profiles, of potential customers.


Some people have described the platform as resembling a dating site, but without the “dating” element. The fake hub pages often show a male taxi driver picking up a “date”, who walks off with an attractive “student” (most likely a woman in her thirties, or forties perhaps), and puts the camera on. Then the woman gets in the car with the taxi driver, and takes off. The scenes are being uploaded by members of the public, apparently in return for a fee – the amount of which differs between FakeHub and similar sites.


Members of the public uploading these scenes are apparently doing so to raise awareness of issues such as gender discrimination within the taxi industry. These issues aren’t new, but it seems that FakeHub may be providing a unique solution. For example, one member complained that she’d been refused a job as a taxi driver because she was a woman. She said that she’d been doing online dating for several years, and that she’d never been contacted by a male cab driver in that time.


But it’s also the case that many people upload fake porn scenes in order to advertise their own websites. For instance, one male porn star who goes by the name “Daddy Cook” has a website promoting cookbooks, and advertises on his MySpace page that he can “provide hot sex”. There are obviously many men out there who know how to make adult movies, but many would probably rather not risk appearing in such materials if they don’t have to. This sort of behaviour is perfectly acceptable, but it does suggest a gap in the understanding of what’s acceptable.


So, does the internet provide a venue for roleplay porn? Possibly, but there are a number of factors at work here: firstly, there are people uploading real material; secondly, the internet provides anonymity, allowing roleplayers to perform in front of an unseen majority of people. Also, people are able to bring their own camera equipment, and can document what they do. It’s also worth remembering that many people involved in roleplay porn are attracted to each other, and that camaraderie is often a key factor in the scenes. All this suggests that while genuine FakeHub sites may attract a niche audience, chances are that roleplay porn actors will continue to proliferate on the internet.