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The Benefits of Using Granny Cams and Security Cameras

Granny cam: a portable camcorder (typically a handheld video camera and camcorder in one device) which show a live video feed of elderly individuals, such as a senior citizen, to keep track of them and how they are cared for. The advantage is that you can have a live feed without disturbing or frightening the subject. The cam also makes it possible to record multiple viewings of the same person. There are different Granny Cams available to suit your needs. These units are sometimes called digital video recorders or DVRs. These devices can be used to capture images anywhere you can have a view of a television screen.


Many senior citizens and their loved ones do not wish to be recorded while they are in their homes. However, there are places such as nursing homes where this is necessary. When the wishes of these residents are not respected or when the senior in question has complaints, these residents may be taped without their permission and without just cause. This could include the verbal abuse of a family member which ends up on the video. The recordings made by these cameras may then be used against the senior citizen in the near future. Thus, having a granny cam which is hidden keeps everyone’s privacy protected.

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Long-term care facilities would also benefit from a granny cam. In these facilities, the residents have a need for constant supervision. Many of the residents are not able to take care of themselves on their own and are not able to perform simple tasks such as bathing, dressing and walking. As these elderly residents age, they become weaker and more susceptible to illness. Thus, maintaining a safe environment in which these individuals can move around freely is important.


Senior citizens often find it difficult to admit that they are engaging in activities that may result in the video being used against them in the future. However, a granny cam which is hidden provides the senior living home with the proof that is needed in order to confront any potential abuse. Many nursing homes have been caught on video mistreating patients. Having an undetected camera, the residents in the nursing homes will be able to identify the officials who have been engaged in the mistreatment.

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The use of the video cameras has resulted in numerous charges against those who are involved in the Nursing Home Abuse. The elderly residents who have been mistreated have been able to identify those who have committed the crime against them. These victims are no longer afraid to admit that they are in need of medical attention. With this device, those who commit crimes such as Nursing Home Abuse will be prevented from committing the same crime again. The elderly citizens who have been mistreated have also been able to contact the proper authorities in case any further criminal activity occurs.

Granny Cams in Illinois are designed to provide security for the elderly family members in a particular home. In order to gain the maximum benefits from the use of the granny cam, many families are advised to invest in these devices prior to the purchase of the home. In the event of a break-in, it can be very beneficial to have an alert who can identify the perpetrators. Also, in the event of any type of abuse, the recording can be made and used as a tool to help clear up any misunderstandings regarding senior home care. For instance, if the family wants to monitor the progress of their ill father in his nursing home, they may want to record any incidents that occur.

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Also, the elderly residents’ rooms can be recorded without the homeowner’s permission in order to aid in the investigation of any criminal activity. The footage obtained by the camera in these rooms can be used in court if there is any need to prove any wrongdoing on the part of the residents. This is a good way to protect the rights of the citizens as well as to ensure their safety in their own homes. Most camera systems are easy to mount in any area of the home. This makes them very flexible and portable, something that many families prefer today since they often move around as they age.


There is also Granny Cams that is hidden. These hidden cameras do not need any recording devices in order to work. This means that although the cameras are in plain sight, there is still privacy protection available. This is because the camera cannot be viewed by anyone other than the owners of the property. It only becomes visible when the owner wants it to or when the camera is switched on and the light switches on.