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Beware of International Dating Sites that Promote Mail Order Brides

There has been an explosive growth in the number of people signing up to International dating websites over the past few years. This growth can be attributed in part to the fact that more people realise the potential and pitfalls associated with Internet dating. Many people also recognise that the concept of meeting people overseas through online means, is much more appealing than traditional methods of meeting people. More people are also discovering that it can be much easier to meet overseas friends and family members through a dating website.


It is important for singles seeking to meet a foreign partner to be aware of the dangers of using international dating sites that are not established countries based. Some of these sites have actually been set up as offshore scams, where internet scammers attract unsuspecting victims. There are a number of ways that internet scams operate. One of these methods involves the use of so-called translation services.

International dating sites

A popular way that international dating sites use services from other countries is by offering translation services for users of the site who need to find a friend or a soul mate overseas. The websites offering these services are usually based in either the United States England, Germany, Russia, Japan or Canada. Many of these services will claim to be free but often charge a small fee. A further method that some unscrupulous internet scams use is the selling of personal information. The websites will sell this information to unscrupulous marketers who will bombard you with spam, emails, junk mail and even threatening calls if you give out sensitive information like your address and phone number.


One of the most common ways that international dating sites attract scammers is through false profiles. Many fake profiles will be put up by people pretending to be genuine singles. When browsing through the profiles one should be on the look out for obvious signs that the person is a scammer. Some common things to look out for include misspellings of spelling errors, strange punctuation and grammar mistakes, and a lot of empty spaces or lines at the end of the profile.

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Another way that you can tell if an international dating site is a scam is to look at the list of features. Most of the top 10 most popular international dating sites offer free account registration, so it would seem that anyone who is serious about meeting international partners should join them. Sadly, there is one major problem with the list – it is outdated! There have been plenty of new sites springing up on the internet since the old ones were taken down, and some of those are much better than the ones that remain.


Most of the top 10 international dating sites now have millions of members between them. This means that they have lots of opportunities to market their service to members all over the world, rather than just in the US and Canada where many men think they can easily find beautiful women. Unfortunately, many men take this opportunity to waste lots of money on worthless offers. They see the large number of paying members as an opportunity to try to make as much money as possible. They will contact hundreds of beautiful women in the hope of trying to attract the attention of a rich man, but they do not realise that they are wasting money by doing so!

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You should be careful when it comes to choosing your international partner. While there is nothing wrong with using services from paid dating sites, you should also be aware that many of the paid sites will try to persuade you to spend money on the services that you need. These include things like having features such as” webcam chat” or” webcam photos”. While these may sound like things that you would find in a normal dating site, the fact is that those features tend to cost 15 percent of what you would normally pay for a month.


This kind of behaviour by international dating websites has been labeled “mail-order brides”. Mail order brides, or “mail order international”, are obviously a complete scam, and you should never give any money or information to anyone offering you that kind of service. However, it should be noted that not all online dating sites that have these terms on their website are frauds. Many of them are run by actual feminist groups, and you should always be aware of this when browsing through the profiles on offer.