Mofos (pronounced: Moh-foos) is a Canadian adult entertainment production company focused on reality adult movies. The first company, Mofos Pictures, went public in 1987 and is run by husband and wife teams Garth and Ruth Gordon. They own and operate two production studios in Montreal, Canada, as well as a small number of sites for adult movies throughout the United States and United Kingdom. As a company, Mofos focuses on creating high quality adult movies with a modern sensibility and sense of humor. Their catalog includes movies centered around love, relationships, fashion, voyeurism, and much more.


Mofos’ main movie label is the “HC”. This means that is releasing movies under the name “HC”. Many of the films shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF, have been screened at the Mofos Film Festival. The company has an array of projects to choose from. Most are comedies with some adult content.


Mofos has an extensive roster of projects including “Diva”, “The Pick Up Artist”, “Revenge of the Nerds”, “Daddy’s Men”, “Vanity Fair”, “Porn Star Bang”, “The Naked Face”, “The Damned United”, “The Perfect Score” and many others. Some of these films have never been released outside of the company’s studios. All of the movies have excellent production values. This is evident when you watch any of the movies at the Mofos website.


Mofos offers several types of deals to customers. These deals range from one dollar off to ten dollars off for select titles. Free shipping is always available.


Mofos also has an on demand service. The On Demand service has features that add even more fun to watching adult movies. When you order any movie, you simply click on it, pay for it, download it, watch it, and then repeat as often as you like. This is a bonus service you won’t find at the other major online DVD rental companies. With this service, you can rent any movie at your leisure.


There are a few other perks to using Mofos as your exclusive online rental company. First of all, you get access to a database of hundreds of films. You will never be stuck for what to watch. If the local rental company doesn’t have anything on hand, you will be able to find something in the database. You can choose whether to rent by genre, or the year it was made, or even the day it was released.


Finally, if you aren’t satisfied with the films you have viewed, simply send them back for a full refund. No questions asked. The customer service is amazing as well. If you need help finding the right film, all you have to do is call them. The staff is extremely helpful and always answers any questions you may have.


In conclusion, Mofos makes a great service for any consumer looking for their next movie. It is user friendly, fast, and convenient. The costs are fair, and the convenience is unmatched. Why not take advantage of this fantastic service? Head to Mofos today to start enjoying the benefits.


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