Nutaku is a Japanese-based online game platform with mainly hentai games for its users. Found in Canada, Nutaku provides hentai games which are adult-oriented. The platform mainly focuses on mobile, browser and downloadable games, providing both cosmetic and monetary options. Currently, Nutaku has 50 million registered users worldwide. It offers a free membership for its basic account which allows the player to make in-game purchases. In addition, players may also purchase additional licenses for additional rental titles.


Nutaku makes it possible for players to play visual novels and adult games online which are originally from Japan. The company claims that they employ strict copyright laws to ensure the quality of their downloads. This is in contrast to most Asian online gaming portals that allow everyone to download games that are available for free. Nutaku’s popularity is attributed to the fact that the free visual novels that are offered by the platform are original Japanese games which were not translated or modified in any way.


Nutaku’s unique selling proposition includes the fact that it offers a high-quality visual novel gaming experience free of charge. This allows users to have an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience, without spending anything extra. The games are free to play and offer high-quality graphics, superb audio and various other features. As a result of these qualities, Nutaku has been able to build a large and steady clientele base in a short period of time. With such a large customer base, the company is able to support a variety of customers and continuously make improvements which will allow them to provide nutaku games with even more enhanced qualities in the future.


Nutaku also intends to expand its service to the west in the near future. As of now, Japan is where Nutaku is at right now. Plans are in place to roll out nutaku to additional countries including Korea and China. By expanding to these additional markets Nutaku can continue to provide its clients with a high quality and reliable downloadable service which will continue to attract more subscribers.


Nutaku is a powerful new innovative social networking platform. By providing its users access to downloadable and unlimited games, Nutaku intends to create an endless world of interactive fun and virtual reality. By providing these gamers with an open access environment, Nutaku can help build a strong community of players who are all looking for the same things. With this strategy, Nutaku aims to establish itself as the leading adult games and social network in the world. By combining Nutaku’s unique features with the already popular VNs, the virtual world game will become even more addictive and enjoyable.


There are many ways in which you can play free online hentai games on Nutaku. In the past, Nutaku used the conventional FTP protocol for uploading and downloading files. However, the new release is utilizing the innovative and new Java Client by Intense Gaming Corporation. By using this technology Nutaku has effectively improved the performance and speed of the platform. By allowing players to directly connect to their computers from the internet, Nutaku is able to improve its overall user experience.


Nutaku was started just over one year ago with the intention of combining the best of adult video games and the cutting edge virtual reality technology available today. Since its inception, Nutaku has focused on providing the most realistic and fun virtual reality experience available. This is achieved through a number of features including: multiple player capability, hentai compatibility, unlimited downloads and easy setup and configuration. The exciting news is that today Nutaku is celebrating its first year in business with the launch of its premium service. With this premium service players can enjoy an unlimited download of hentai graphics and games, VIP privileges and access to the premium forum. Also, players who sign up for Nutaku Plus receive a free copy of the popular Nutaku game “VRigo”.


The site design and functionality of Nutaku are excellent and this is evident from the large number of awards it has won throughout the world. Nutaku looks set to continue to expand into the international market where it competes with well-known sites like MSN, Google and Yahoo. In order for other social media sites to take advantage of the large fan base present on Nutaku, it needs to add more exciting and varied content that will help fuel the ongoing popularity of the site.