Reality Kings

Reality Kings is a popular niche-dating and social networking website owned by RK Netmedia, a web-based hardcore porn production business based out of Miami Beach, Florida. The site bills itself as “the online dating community for the sexually active”. It’s free to join and has a few different options: a paid membership that grants users access to premium pages or a free trial that allows members to experience the service for a short period of time. I spent about two weeks using Reality Kings to find out whether or not it lives up to expectations.


After getting my trial run, I logged in and immediately found the best porn movies to watch on Reality Kings. The paid membership has a few advantages over the free trial: you have more selections and can even customize your profile; however, the biggest drawback is that there are only nine movie choices. In addition, only one is actually hosted on the main site (hence the name ‘Reality’) so users have to go to individual websites to access each one. Each comes with a thumbnail and some information about the person who will be watching the movie. In my opinion, these videos are not of the highest quality, but the quality is good enough to make it worth a couple bucks a month. If you have thirty minutes or so to spare each day, it may be worth a few dollars worth of membership.


Once logged in, I started looking through the millions of images on the site offers in their library of premium porn movies. While this was good to see and useful to know, I wanted to take a look at the other features I could use to find the best porn movies to watch on Reality Kings. I quickly realized that while the selection was great, the navigation was horrible! Instead of going to the individual movie listings, I had to jump all around the main page and click on various links just to find what I wanted. This wasted a lot of time, which I spent searching for videos.


The second feature that the Reality King’s Porn Network lacked was its marketing tools. It lacks the search bar, which is really necessary if you want to find the video you’re looking for. I know that this feature can be found many similar video dating sites, but reality kings had a much smaller marketing budget. They could do a lot better than this, I feel.


Finally, I decided to test the membership cost to see if reality porn kings would get the same response from people paying the one-time fee compared to paying the monthly membership fee. The results were surprising. The people who pay the monthly fee are more likely to keep on using the site. The reason is because they have better customer support and they have access to the latest video news releases, which are few and far between on the free membership site.


So, reality kings has its good points and bad points. While it lacks some of the features you’d expect from a premium video dating site, it does have enough to keep customers happy. People can get in the mood for love when they watch their favorite porn clips and they can view as many as they’d like without worrying about paying. Plus, those who use the free memberships get to view unlimited videos. In other words, they don’t need to hurry to the membership drive down the street.


The reality network’s biggest problem right now is the economy. People who were really looking for love on the network a few years ago are now looking elsewhere. In other words, there are more guys online than in the real world! As of right now, the reality king’s business isn’t doing so well. However, with so many members, it’s sure to pick up in the near future!


Despite my unfavorable view of reality networks, I believe that the Internet has made things much easier for people who don’t have the time to commit to weekly meetings. For instance, it costs a lot less money to join up to a porn network than it does to attend a weekly meeting. It’s also much easier to stay on-line and browse through a large number of porn sites without having to worry about having to make a commitment to seeing someone face-to-face. When I joined Brazzers several years ago, I had to be at the meeting at least a couple hours before the actual start time. It was hard to meet people when you’re not at the actual event. If you live in a rural area, you don’t even have to make an effort to meet people because the Internet is your main source of communication.