Twistys is an adult entertainment website, producing a massive variety of adult movies and videos, dedicated to a plethora of tastes. The Twistys network has grown so much in popularity over the last few years that it now outstrips even adult dating sites. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see couples watching movies together using Twistys! This is part of the reason why I love this website so much- it allows me to connect with others who enjoy the same things as I do.


Twistys was created by Brad Pitt and David DeGeneres, the two Hollywood heavyweights who have formed their very own company, Pitt Entertainment. The company has grown dramatically from when they first launched in 2005. Twistys features movies and videos from a wide variety of genres, including “big, small, horny, and gay.” It’s also hosted by America’s hottest porn star, Valentino Cherry. The website is extremely easy to navigate and is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources for all types of entertainment, but especially adult videos and movies- which is probably why it’s growing so fast!


If you’re looking for a new way to spend your Saturday night, then Twistys is definitely NOT a bad choice! The cost is low and free to join. In my opinion, this is the best kind of website because you can literally do whatever you want whenever you want. And Twistys offers so much more than just “mainstream” movies – you can also access Twistys Extras, which is full of all kinds of goodies designed to spice up your sex life.


With Twistys, your home will be transformed into a high-class brothel – the place where you’ll go to buy some “other people’s” time. And if you’re thinking about getting caught, don’t worry! Your Twistys profile will reveal your activities (if any), so you won’t get caught red-handed. (No pictures will be posted, because we’re assuming you won’t share them with the world! ).


This site is very popular among people who like “free” and the fact that there are no fees. So many people sign up here because they love the fact that they can turn the “employee of the month” into a porn star! This is great news for those of us out there who would like a change of luck occasionally. But Twisties aren’t just for people who think they have the ability to become porn stars – there are options for YOU too!


Like most “dating” sites, you can chat and set up a date with other members. However, Twistys goes the extra mile – you can even give away your phone number on the website so that someone can contact you! And when you date other people, you can chat – you can even send each other mass messages! In fact, the only draw back is that you can only chat with people within the same geographical area.


The site is quite active and pretty fast – it can take less than a minute to find your profile and then you are all set to go! There is even an online dating community (you need to be a member to access it). The community is pretty neat – everyone there wears a common shirt, and you can communicate with others in the same way. One thing that is a bit odd is that there is this gigantic “profile” section that you can browse through. Many people are upset with this because it can sometimes get overwhelming if you are looking for a specific person.


The site is relatively new and they are growing very rapidly – so much so that they now have several international sites. If you want to find a local Twisties member, you may not be able to do it from your own country. Luckily, the internet has taken care of that problem for us. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can find someone who is in your local area. So, if you want to meet new people, this could be just the site for you!